A reflection of sound and listening: create new ways to use your ears.

This past summer was filled with new and wonderful things. I learned so many new ways of listening and hearing the world around me but I definitely have a lot more to learn. What is the best method of hearing for me to use while studying? What about when I’m in a class? Or when I’m talking to friends? There are so many places where I can apply my new skills and expand upon them. Although I am looking forward to continuously learn to listen to the world around me, I also hope I can learn how to listen to myself better. Here are some situations that will require me to listen at a higher level and use active listening skills.

Classes: My lectures and classes in the future will need my complete attention so I can do well and retain information. I can listen to my professors but I also need to listen to my classmates to fully process the class.

Relationships: Friends, family, or significant others will all require me to actively listen to them so we can properly communicate and have a healthy relationship. To understand each other we will have to hear ourselves as well as each other.

Work: When I am working a job or working on a project, I have to listen to the world around me on a different level than normal. I will have to listen to adapt and fit what the job is asking of me. Work will also have a high requirement of listening to myself so I know how far I can go. 

I know that there are many more places I can name that need high listening skills but I could say that about every part of my life. By simply listening more to my daily life, I can learn so much about myself and my surroundings. Thank you so much for such an incredible class that taught me new ways of seeing the world.

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