An idea worth writing about

After thinking long and hard, I have decided to study the transgender community of UCSB in my research article. As a member of the trans community, I want to get to know my local community. My goals are to build a system of support for myself by getting to know the people and organizations or clubs that offer support as well as helping my readers gain a better understanding of the transgender community and how they can be allies. It will also be a way for me to understand the positives and negatives I may encounter at my new home away from home. 

In my process, I plan on getting interviews with other members of the trans community as well as interviews from the people running the organizations and clubs that are based around helping and supporting the trans community. I think it will also be interesting to learn a bit more about the history of transgender activism on campus so I am going to attempt to get any recordings or articles on that topic that I can include in my own article.

My plan of action is to start with expressing my past experiences and then what my expectations regarding the trans community at UCSB are. I will incorporate the information I retrieve from my interviews to build a sense of what life if like as a transgender student here. I want to gather all the good information but I don’t want to stray from the bad. Not including the expectations and the reality of transphobia would be to turn a blind eye on it. I want to make sure I include it the bad, not only build up a defense mechanism but also give my readers a sense of what is transphobia and how they can avoid it and stand up for those being attacked. By the end of my article, I hope to have a piece that can offer support and education to my readers.

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