Processing the Podcast

It’s finally done, the podcast that Alex, Sydney, and I created. The process was a little bit chaotic but worth it in the end. We first created an outline of what we wanted to say for the podcast because we wanted to have a very natural feel to it. We soon found that wasn’t the best way of doing it so we each wrote what we wanted to say and decided we would record each person separately and simply edit it together. We later decided it would be best, for the audience’s sake, to include the audio of the dance we were talking about because it would give context for what we were discussing. From that point it went relatively smoothly. We hit some challenges along the way such as having to record Sydney in the library because we didn’t realize the Wire Frame closed at 5. Another challenge was when Audacity didn’t keep a clip of music where we wanted it to be so I had to fix it about 5 times. Despite these challenges, I had a lot of fun discussing our topic and how we were going to do this. Brainstorming how we were going to get it down to a shorter amount of time ended with the great idea of merging the literal observation and the emotional observation together and lo and behold, it worked! We were able to combine the information without sacrificing any of the information we wanted the audience to hear and we were able to get it to 5 minutes. Although it may not be the best podcast, I’m really proud of it. I had a wonderful team and a super interesting topic and that made it worth it in the end. I’m excited for you to listen to it so if you haven’t already, please enjoy the podcast episode that Alex, Sydney, and I created.

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